Houston Family Photos – Amy + Josh (and dog)

Even though it rained most of the day, as soon as it let up I met Amy and Josh at Sabine St bridge in Houston to take some outdoor family photos. They happen to be great friends so the session was of course a lot of fun. Plus their dog Madi was included to keep things interesting! We walked up and down the bayou, avoiding the flood water all while managing to stay dry – definitely a successful shoot! Here are a few highlights:  

A Photo Walk Through Boston’s Beacon Hill

I have really enjoyed living in Boston with my wife for the last few years. This city has inspired me to take many photographs and develop my skills as a photographer in the process. In an attempt to capture Boston’s beauty and charm before our upcoming move to Texas, I spent an evening walking the streets of Beacon Hill with my camera. The following is a series of images from that walk. To start, I shot a view over the rooftops of Beacon Hill from the Mass General parking garage. From there I walked up into Beacon Hill and found a tiny alley littered with pink …

Gloucester Real Estate Interior Photography Shoot

A very nice couple hired me to photograph their beach house rental property up in Gloucester, MA. Right away we were able to work out a time for me to drive up from Boston and the shoot was booked! I arrived just before sunrise, however, the sky did not cooperate with any kind of color so the cloud cover was a bit dismal. Either way, it worked out for some nice lighting of the interior spaces! Here are a few of the highlights: